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Our premier product is our Cinnamon Pecan Granola. This is the flavor that started it all, developed with love in our test kitchen. Sweet, woodsy cinnamon combines with the buttery taste of chopped pecans, fiery fresh ground ginger and our 100% whole grain rolled oats.

Ingredients: Oats, Brown Sugar, Oil, Egg Whites, Pecans, Cinnamon, Ginger, Salt.
Net Weight: 1/2 lb | 226 g

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Weight 8.41 oz
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 9 in

17 reviews for Cinnamon Pecan Granola

  1. Marleigh Selby

    The granola is wonderful! Its softer so its easier to eat and is delicious with breakfast foods and also just to snack on!

  2. Josh Cruz

    Literally the best granola that I have ever tasted in my entire life. It goes best with vanilla yogurt and sometimes some chocolate chips for a sweet chocolate-y treat.

  3. Kyle Audet (verified owner)

    This is the best granola I’ve had—–Is it bad that I ate half a large bag in 10 minutes? NOPE. Wholesome and can’t wait for the next batch!

  4. Brittany

    Just tried the Cinnamon Pecan Granola and it’s awesome! Very flavorful and fresh. I would definitely have it with yogurt in the morning or bring it with me as a snack on hikes. I am definitely going to buy more!

  5. Brittany Loring

    A big fan of this granola. Just sad that my bag is empty. I’ll be ordering soon!

  6. gimmedatfreberg

    I have never tasted anything better! I eat it on nearly everything you can imagine! Try putting it on an apple cobbler and you life will never be the same!

  7. Drew Kaisner

    Imagine yourself on a mountain. It’s early in the morning before the sun rises. It’s cold and dark and you feel empty inside because you just walked up a mountain earlier than any human being should be awake. But you have hope, because you know that something good is coming. Then the sun breaks the horizon and a glorious light spreads across the sky! You feel a warm sweetness take over your body and you know that all is right in the world because of what you have just experienced. This is the feeling of eating Mt Gilead Granola.

  8. Terry

    Delightful! Already spreading the yumminess in Maryland! Love knowing where and by whom this is made. Keep up the good work!

  9. Deitre

    Wonderful texture and taste. I don’t think my bag will last through the week!

  10. Laicie Fortney

    Bought 2 bags a bit ago. Almost cried when I ate my last bite. Gonna order more!!

  11. Robin

    Purchased at Patrick Square Farmers Market. It’s yummy goodness!
    Where else can I purchase your products?

    • Sam-Lopane

      Hey Robin!
      Thanks for buying! In the Upstate SC area, we also sell at the Easley Farmers Market (although we will be gone the next 2 weeks) and the Mountain Goat Climbing Gym. There are also a handful of stores, shops, and markets that carry out granola in the Charlotte area. And of course, our granola is always available for purchase right here on the website! You can check out our find us page on the website for the full list of locations. (

  12. McClain

    Sam is a dear friend of mine. He is passionate about creating food that is good and good for you. His granola is great in the mornings or on the go! On the trail or at the office!

  13. Jack Riley Hayes

    Are you going outside? Are you going to plan a trip to go outside and actually stay in and say “At least we tried!”? No matter how you answered those questions, this is the granola for you.

  14. Nathan Meade (verified owner)

    Fantastic granola. Had my friends try it to and we all love it. Came back on this site to buy more for myself and my friend who fell in love with it.

  15. Taylor

    The best granola! On the softer side so easier to eat and the perfect amount of sweet!

  16. Denise

    This is my ALL-TIME favorite granola – can’t get enough!!! Great job, folks!

  17. Denise

    My ALL TIME favorite granola – can’t get enough! Great job, guys!

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